Aerial Missing Person Searches

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    Our Airplane and Air Crew are available for AERIAL MISSING PERSON SEARCHES for your lost love-one whether they are lost in the woods, the snow, in the country or the city.

    DO NOT fall for the false comfort of using a Drone. Drones are the latest toys and are fun, but NOT as useful or efficient as human eyes looking directly at the ground with high powered gyro stabilized optics.

    Everyone is so caught up with using the “latest technology” that successes are less frequent now. But they pat themselves on the back about how they used a drone and it makes them feel “state-of-the-art”. DRONES ARE A TOY. AN AIRPLANE IS A TOOL.

  • Advantages of using an airplane in an aerial search:

    • We can stay aloft for hours
    • Human eyes looking directly at the ground instead of a drone operator looking at a screen
    • Instant two-way radio communications with the search command post
    • Drones must stay in view of the operator at all times
    • Drones cannot fly within five miles of an airport or other restricted areas.

Our AIRPLANE & CREW are available to search for missing persons but unfortunately no one thinks to utilize this important resource until it is too late.

  • Here are some examples of loved ones located by real airplanes and helicopters:

    “The rescue of hiker Amanda Eller in Hawaii. “This is where we rescued Amanda & the three guys that found her from the private helicopter. The helicopter which YOU bought. Your donations on Go Fund Me paid for the helicopter that spotted Amanda and got her home!! It takes a village.”

    “The body of Raffaella M. Stroik was spotted floating in Mark Twain Lake by a PRIVATE PLANE PILOT [emphasis added] Wednesday morning, south of the Mark Twain Lake State Park Highway 107 boat ramp in rural Monroe County.”

    “Helicopters can’t stay aloft as long as an airplane (and burn a lot more fuel) and drones are very limited in their use and capabilities (they are trendy but not really practical). And law enforcement aircraft are susceptible to being called away to greater emergencies and other law enforcement needs. OUR airplane once called for your search is YOUR airplane and is dedicated to your missing person case. We will fly many more hours looking for your family member than law enforcement can. BUT DON’T WAIT!”

  • Here are some examples of opportunities lost because a real airplane was not used:

    We offered our airplane and crew for the Sherri Papini search but it was turned down; she was found weeks later off I-5 near Woodland. We offered our plane for a search of missing Bay Area man Ed Cavanaugh in El Dorado County and they turned it down; he was found dead on a trail near a cabin days later. We offered our airplane for the search of the owner of the Sammy Hagar restaurant in Roseville but were turned down; he was found dead on the coast weeks later. We offered our plane for the search of veteran Stanley Norman but the offer was declined. The missing person’s vehicle in the Alycia Yeoman case in Sutter County was located in Live Oak days after she disappeared in a field near a levee by a passerby and her body in the river over a month later. We may have been able to locate the truck quicker and quicker is what counts to find your family member alive.

    We use gyro stabilized optics, wing mounted video cameras and UHF radios with mountain-top repeaters and tactical channels (car-to-car) to communicate with a command post on the ground or our own ground units and can remain aloft for hours at a time and cover great distances. And we won’t get called away from your search. Your search is our search.

    Cost: Yes the “free” aircraft (law enforcement) are great for the initial search BUT they will very soon depart for other missions. We will stay and keep searching. And remember that in many cases the family gets a bill later from law enforcement or fire for the costs of their search per the Calif Government Code which allows Counties and other local jurisdictions to bill the families for emergency response, search and rescue, etc if it was determined that the search was a result of “wanton and reckless misconduct in disregard for his or her safety.” And it doesn’t take much for the Agencies to say your missing person acted that way; just be on a dangerous trail, or an out-of-bounds ski area, or do anything stupid that gets them lost and that definition will be satisfied so the County can send you a bill. So while all the dedicated search professionals are searching for your family member, there is someone behind the scenes counting every penny so they can bill you later. So the “free” aircraft may not be so “free” after-all. Our aircraft and crew can be paid for with funds raised by the family either privately or on a GoFundMe page or similar and there will be no surprises later.

    And unfortunately less than scrupulous Private Investigators or other so called “abduction experts” attach themselves to these missing persons cases for the publicity and often block our efforts to offer real help which only does the family a disservice.

Our airplane and crews are standing by to help you!