Aerial Missing Person Searches

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  • Our Investigators are available to search for your lost love-one whether they are lost in the woods, the snow, in the country or the city, or simply have not been heard from way too long.

    In addition to our Investigation utilizing time proven methods such as canvasing, flyers, etc we will locate and interview their recent contacts, look for any surveillance video along their route, examine their bank records to see if and where they are using their debit card or credit card and we will utilize the Nationwide License Plate Reader System which contains over 9 billion license plates in the system that have been “read” by law enforcement, parking enforcement, parking garages, code enforcement and others to show us the date, time, location and even a photo of the vehicle where it was parked. This is a great tool for locating the vicinity of a missing or fugitive person.

    We can utilize our commercial Drone with FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) and Ultra HD 4K video down-link to search suspected locations for the missing person particularly in remote areas.
    We can utilize an airplane with gyro stabilized optics to search from the air using our Air Crew trained for such work and we use UHF radio to communicate with any command post or our own ground units.

    And remember that law enforcement aircraft (Drones, Helicopters, Airplanes) can all be called away at any time for other work or for a “greater emergency”. We are there for you and you only and will not be called away due to “greater emergencies” or use of overtime.

    The biggest mistake you can make in searching for your loved one is to wait. DON’T WAIT. Time is of the essence. Contact us right away to help with the search.

  • Advantages of using our commercial Drone for aerial searches:

    • FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) to spot persons in heavily wooded areas.
    • Ultra HD 4K video for clarity and downlinked live to our Drone Crew.
    • FAA certified Remote Pilot and Visual Observer for both safety and efficiency.
    • Operated in accordance with Part 107 of the FAA Regs.
    • Our Drone is not a toy; its used by law enforcement, fire departments and others.