I’ve never hired a Private Investigator before so I’m not sure how you work or if you can help me.

Tips For New Clients…

We have found that almost all new clients don’t know how we work, or what we can or cannot do, and are hesitant to call us for those reasons.

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Most peoples’ idea of a Private Investigator come from the movies or television and is that of a seedy character, walking the fine line between doing what’s legal and what’s illegal, and occasionally stumbling over the line. Additionally, the majority of our business is from new Clients already involved in an emotionally charged and sometimes volitile situation and emotions can obscure or cloud decision making. Therefore, in addition to your free consultation with us about your case by email, telephone, instant messenger or in person, we offer the following information to you in advance, to help you understand how we operate based upon twelve years of working with private Clients and Attorneys.


  • PEACE OF MIND. PERIOD. You need to know. We’ll find out for you. A client had us put a GPS tracker on his wife’s vehicle suspecting infidelity because she was acting secretive suddenly. ‘turned out she was just helping out her sister who was going through a divorce and was just trying to spare her husband the details. As we pulled the tracker off the car two weeks later he shook our hand and thanked us for the Peace of Mind.
  • OLD FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK, WORKS! Attorneys are taught that the power of the subpoena, iterrogatories and a courtroom or deposition appearance is all they need to find the truth. PEOPLE LIE. They will lie in court; they will lie on interrogatories and they will lie in deposition. The best way to find out if someone is co-habitating for example, is surveillance; NOT depose them. The best way to find out if someone is working under the table or if they are working at all, is to tail them to work; NOT have them complete an income and expense declaration.
  • DON’T SURVEIL SOMEONE YOURSELF OR ASK FRIENDS TO DO SO because if the person you are watching finds out, they could construe it as stalking and harrassment and get a restraining order against you. If you hire professionals, despite the fact that we’re being paid to conduct surveillance, and also because of that, the courts recognize that we are professionals and just doing our job.

For more in-depth info on what to expect when working with us, please visit our FAQs page where we answer questions like what we can and cannot do, how and why to be objective when hiring an investigator, and how to choose an investigator.