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    We can help you win your case by providing Proof of Employment, Financial Searches, Backgrounds, Witness Locates, Skip Tracing, and More.

    We have found that Attorneys often don’t fully understand all that PIs can do for them and likewise there is often a limited understanding of the full scope of our capabilities.

    How To Work With Us

    INVOLVE US IN THE CONVERSATION WITH YOUR CLIENT. You may be doing yourself a disservice if you do not. Just tell us what your goal is and let us suggest the best way(s) to achieve it. This is for two reasons. 1) You may not be able to suggest the proper course of action if you don’t consult with us, and 2) we know what specific information we need to conduct a successful surveillance; you may not obtain the needed information from your client.

    A classic recent example: An attorney hired us to follow the client’s ex-wife who is a nurse, to find out where she is working since she was refusing to divulge her current employer. We were told to watch for a dark haired woman leaving the house wearing nurse attire and driving one of two vehicles at the house. During surveillance we saw a dark haired woman, wearing nursing scrubs exit the house and get into one of the described vehicles. We tailed her to her workplace. We then did drive-bys to show her continued work at that doctor’s office. Job done, right? Not quite. The attorney’s client angrily called the attorney and said we had followed the daughter and not the ex-wife. Turns out there is a daughter at the house, who is also a nurse, who looks like her mother and also drives one of the two vehicles at the house! The moral of this story is to involve us in the consultation process. We would have thought to ask, “Who else lives in the house?” “Who else may drive the vehicles?” “How old is the person we’re supposed to follow?” “Can you provide a photo of the person?” etc. The point is, we have extensive training in interview techniques and surveillance, and we know the right questions to ask. Being thorough upfront saves us all unnecessary work and frustration.

    Payment Method

    Additionally, no matter if you’re paying us through your trust account or having your client pay us directly, we still require payments and/or retainers in advance.

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    Attorney Presentation

    We offer a very informative and entertaining Power Point presentation designed for attorneys entitled “What Private Investigation Can Do For You” addressing various areas of law practice. Invite us to show this presentation to your law firm, local bar association, or civic group.